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Movement Restoration is a massage therapy concept that focuses on restoring natural movement back to the body through individualized massage treatments.  Each of Movement Restoration’s soft tissue and specialty massages are designed to improve an individual’s range of motion, enhance flexibility and increase circulation.  Located in Scottsdale, Ariz., Movement Restoration caters to anyone with restricted movement, compression of joints, tight muscles, or discomfort as a result of repetitive motions and positions from daily activities or jobs. 


Movement Restoration is the realization of co-founders Trisha Haws’ and Brynn Martin’s passion for helping individuals enhance overall health and quality of life through massage + movement.  Trisha’s background includes more than 15 years of hands-on massage therapy experience within chiropractic and wellness practices,

award-winning resorts and spas,and elite training facilities catering to

professional athletes.  In addition to treating her extensive list of clients at

Movement Restoration, Trisha is also sought after by resorts, spas and

others in the industry to develop new massage protocols and train staff

on her signature Movement Restoration massage treatments.


Trisha’s business partner and co-founder Brynn Martin has been

instrumental in the development and growth of Movement

Restoration.  Brynn directs the day-to-day operations, manages

sales and marketing activities, promotional programs and client

and customer service. Since 2006, the entrepreneurial duo have

successfully assembled a talented team of licensed and

certified massage therapists is dedicated to educating clients

about the benefits of integrating massage, exercise and

activities into their everyday lives. The result: enhanced

movement, healthy circulation and natural clarity. 

Trisha Haws


Brynn Martin



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