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Brynn Martin knows first-hand that movement moves you forward.  She’s driven by that belief and an entrepreneurial spirit that embraces innovation, service and continuous improvement…something her family instilled in her during childhood.  The Arizona native grew up in a family of active healthcare professionals and social entrepreneurs dedicated to creating positive changes and contributions in their community through education, scholarships and service.


As co-founder of Movement Restoration, Brynn oversees business operations and sales and marketing strategy with special focus on promotional programs and activities.  She has been instrumental in building the Movement Restoration concept from a small private practice to
its position today as one of the Valley’s leading
massage therapy studios catering to individuals
with restricted movement issues.


Prior to founding Movement Restoration, Brynn was
as a physical 
therapy technician at a chiropractic office
working alongside massage therapist Trisha Haws,
co-founder of Movement Restoration.  The two worked
closely with patients, sharing practical insights that would

positively impact their personal health and well-being. 

By endeavoring to be ambassadors of movement, Trisha

and Brynn realized their vision for the concept known as

Movement Restoration. 


In 2003, Movement Restoration was founded in Scottsdale, Ariz. 

Brynn, just 19 years old at the time, began building the business while

continuing her education at Arizona State University.  In 2010, she

earned her Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Metropolitan Studies

and just years later, a Master’s degree in Public Administration

with a concentration in Urban Management. 


Together with partner and co-founder Trisha Haws, Brynn

continues to develop strategies to move the business forward

while remaining dedicated to helping individuals enhance overall

health and quality of life through massage and movement, the

foundation on which Movement Restoration was built.


The consummate ambassador of movement doesn’t just talk the talk; she

walks the walk…and runs, bikes, hikes and embraces any activity that keeps her
on the move outdoors, especially training for triathlons and half marathons. 
In 2014, Brynn completed her first Half Ironman in her hometown of Phoenix, Ariz.

She continues to train and is an official 2016 brand ambassador for Newton Running. 


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