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ALTIS, formerly known as World Athletics Center, and Movement Restoration launched a strategic partnership to further advance the industry-leading training and recovery offered to WAC athletes. Movement Restoration delivers an integrated approach to individualized soft tissue massage therapy to ALTIS athletes.

Movement Restoration integrates TRIGGER POINT Performance Therapy products in select treatments. With these products we are able to target specific areas that allow for greater efficiency of movement. If you are interested in purchasing TRIGGER POINT Performance Therapy products click the logo above or the following link: TRIGGER POINT Performance Therapy

Movement Restoration is a proud sponsor of Aravaipa Running. Aravaipa currently organizes 20 trail and ultra running events per year. Movement Restoration provides post recovery massage to the runners at select events. Currently we have sponsored Black Canyon Ultras & Coldwater Rumble Trail Runs.

NormaTec is a patented Sequential Pulse Technology. It is an external dynamic compression device that Movement Restoration uses. This device plays a crucial role in healing and recovery. Using this Sequential Pulse Technology found only in a NormaTec Recovery System for just 20 minutes can speed recovery! Read more about NormaTec here, or click the logo above!

Movement Restoration has partnered with Queen Creek Olive Mill to integrate its olivespa line of all-natural body products into massage treatments. Olivespa has produced a Eucalyptus Mint and Peppermint Lavender body oil and body butter “inspired by Movement Restoration,” available for purchase at Movement Restoration and Queen Creek Olive Mill.

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