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New FLOAT THERAPY Helps Speed & Enhance your body's Recovery Process


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (November 17, 2017) – Movement Restoration, Arizona's leading massage therapy concept focuses on restoring natural movement to the body through individualized massage treatments, has announced that it has added float therapy to its menu of massage therapy services. The service will be available for scheduling appointments in early December, 2017.


The studio has installed one float tank that promotes relaxation in the muscles and joints of the body, increasing blood flow and helping to more quickly repair muscle tissues and heal the body.  The float tank has 1000 pounds of salt in 180 gallons of water creating an ant-gravity feeling. You naturally float taking pressure points off the body. Additionally, Epsom Salts naturally help the body detoxify.

Float therapy has its own set of health benefits including increased circulation, pain management, and stress reduction. The physical and mental benefits create an ideal environment for the body to recuperate.


All Movement Restoration massage therapy services and recovery amenities are designed to promote movement, improve range of motion and increase flexibility and circulation, especially for athletes suffering from restricted movement, compression of joints, tight muscles, discomfort or other issues.


About Movement Restoration

Established in 2006 by co-founders Trisha Haws and Brynn Martin, Movement Restoration is a massage therapy concept that focuses on restoring natural movement back to the body through individualized massage treatments.  The Scottsdale-based concept has become one of the Valley’s leading massage therapy practices catering to individuals with restricted movement, compression of joints, tight muscles, or discomfort as a result of repetitive motions and positions from daily activities or jobs.  Movement Restoration’s team of licensed and certified massage therapists caters to professional and amateur athletes to active adults, business men and women, youth and rehabilitation clients and more. 



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