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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (March, 2015) – Movement Restoration, Arizona’s leading massage therapy practice focused on restoring natural movement to the body through individualized massage treatments, today announced a partnership with World Athletics Center, one of the most elite training centers shaping the best track and field athletes and championship performers from around the world. 


As part of the alliance, Movement Restoration will enrich the Center’s training and recovery program by providing individualized soft tissue massage therapy at its Strength & Conditioning Facility at EXOS (formerly Athletes Performance) in Phoenix, Ariz.  Movement Restoration’s soft tissue massage treatments are designed to promote movement, improve range of motion and increase flexibility and circulation, especially athletes suffering from restricted movement, compression of joints, tight muscles, discomfort or other issues.


Recognizing the powerful potential of external dynamic compression and its crucial role in an athlete’s healing and recovery, Movement Restoration will also integrate pulse technology or other performance therapies to target specific areas that provide for greater efficiency of movement or to speed an athlete’s rehabilitation and recovery process.


Movement Restoration founder and massage therapist Trisha Haws is one of Arizona’s most sought-after massage therapists for treating professional and amateur athletes including Olympians and championship performers.  She and her team of massage therapists are dedicated to upholding World Athletics Center’s commitment to nurturing and developing track and field athletes, by restoring movement and enhancing the overall health and quality of life through massage.


From coaching, to integrated support services, to education, to the athlete experience, World Athletics Center provides an environment in which the elite track and field athlete can grow.  The elite training facility helps to shape the careers of the best athletes in the world by building championship performers. As part of its overarching aim, World Athletics Center is committed to an education program which nurtures and develops both coaches and athletes within the sport, assuring professionalism and continued growth at all levels of athletic development.  For more information about World Athletics Center, visit



About Movement Restoration

Established in 2003 by co-founders Trisha Haws and Brynn Martin, Movement Restoration is a massage therapy concept that focuses on restoring natural movement back to the body through individualized massage treatments.  The Scottsdale-based concept has become one of the Valley’s leading massage therapy practices catering to individuals with restricted movement, compression of joints, tight muscles, or discomfort as a result of repetitive motions and positions from daily activities or jobs.  Movement Restoration’s team of licensed and certified massage therapists caters to professional and amateur athletes to active adults, business men and women, youth and rehabilitation clients and more. 




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