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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage Swedish Massage


$45/ 30 min 
$75/ 60 min 
$105/ 90 min


Reflexology Reflexology
$55/ 30 min 
$85/ 60 min 

The body is composed of reflective anatomy. This technique focuses on the feet and hands working these two areas can release other parts of the body. You will be amazed with the results of this experience

This ancient massage promotes a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. It uses long graceful strokes to increase circulation and release toxins

pregnancy massage

pregnancy massage pregnancy massage
$75/ 60 min

massage scottsdale

massage scottsdale massage scottsdale
$85/ 60 min 
$115/ 90 min

This massage is recommended for chronic issues with tension. A deeper pressure is used to focus on the deeper muscles where the tension is stored. This technique incorporates stretching, joint articulation, and trigger point if necessary

This massage is for the expecting mother. No matter what trimester, you will be delighted with its gentle approach. Specific techniques are used within each trimester to address areas of tension and fatigue

Sports Massage

sports massage sports massage
$55/ 30 min

A condition specific massage using any technique necessary to promote movement, range of motion, and flexibility